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Assumption of Risk

Ed Robson Arena makes every reasonable effort to maintain a high level of safety for all guests and participants. However, it is impossible for us to remove or protect against every risk associated with ice sports and the arena. Guests visiting ERA need to be aware of the potential dangers and be prepared to protect themselves as necessary.

ADA & Accessibility 

We want Ed Robson Arena to be accommodating for all. Wheelchair and ADA accessible seating are available on the concourse. All Restrooms at Ed Robson Arena have also been equipped to accommodate use by individuals with a disability. If guests require additional assistance, have special needs, or you have further questions regarding facility accessibility please contact guest services (


Guests arriving at the Arena can find disabled parking on the ground floor of the attached parking structure accessed from E. Dale St. A drop-off location is also available in front of the arena on Cache La Poudre St.

Admission and Entry

Ed Robson Arena is a multiuse facility and access to the building will depend on the schedule of events. The facility is open to the public during all normal operational hours and non-ticketed events. During ticketed events guests will be required present a valid ticket, pass, or appropriate credentials to gain access into the facility. Patrons entering the facility will be subject to a security screening. Once you are admitted into Ed Robson Arena, there is no re-admittance if you choose to leave.

Alcohol Policy 

Alcoholic beverages are only allowed in Ed Robson Arena only during approved events. If approved, these can be purchased at the main concession stand or other vendors present throughout the concourse level. Beverages are permitted in any public area of the building including the student section, but may not be removed from the premise. No outside alcohol is permitted inside the arena at any time, and guests found bringing alcohol into the building will be ejected, or subjected to fines.


Ed Robson Arena reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and visibly intoxicated or disruptive guests may be refused service or ejected from the facility without refund and may be subject to further consequences. Additionally, guests who arrive visibly intoxicated may be refused entry to the facility outright.


Anyone purchasing or consuming alcohol products at Ed Robson Arena must be at least 21 years of age. ERA requires everyone to present a valid photo ID (Drives license, State photo ID, Military Photo ID, or passport) as proof.

Animals & Pets

Service animals are permitted in the facility at all times without approval in order to assist individuals with disabilities. This includes during ticketed events, however animals will be required to share their seating area of the individual with a disability, leaving aisles clear.

During normal operating hours, ERA follows the college’s standard animal and pet policy. Anyone wanting to bring a non-service animal into the facility needs permission from Facility management. No pets outside of dogs will be approved.


All animals need to be tethered, leashed, or harnessed, while in public spaces unless individuals an individual with disabilities as special circumstances. Guests may be asked to escort their animal (including service) from the premise if they are: not house broken, pose a threat to other guests, are aggressive/vicious or disruptive. 

Announcements & Paging

Ed Robson Arena does not take any special announcement or paging requests during events.

Arena Access

Ed Robson Arena is a multiuse facility and access to the building will depend on the schedule of events. The facility is open to the public during all non-event operational hours and un-ticketed events. For ticketed events gates/doors open 1 hour ahead of scheduled time on the ticket, for events without a scheduled time on the ticket, opening and closing times will be communicated through the event host. Guests will have access to the main concourse & club levels during events. Staging and operational areas of the arena will be restricted during all events to staff and visitors with the proper credentials. This includes all areas of the first floor outside the main lobby and team store.

Autographs, Meet & Greets

Ed Robson arena does not accept any special autograph or meet & greet session requests. The Varsity Tiger Hockey team will host periodic autograph sessions with Tiger Hockey players after games. These autograph sessions will be announced over the PA system during the game. We do ask that spectators don’t solicit varsity hockey players for autographs or gifts as they leave or enter the ice surface.

Bags, Backpacks, and Purses

To ensure the safety of our guests and ease of security screening, Colorado College athletics and Ed Robson Arena has instituted a clear bag policy for all carry-ins. Each guest will be permitted to enter with a single transparent plastic, vinyl, or PVC tote up to 12”x12”x6” in size. This bag should be free of all prohibited items or contraband, and will be visually inspected at the door. This policy excludes all event participants and media representatives. Under the Policy:

  • All Guests are permitted to enter the arena with a clear 12”x12”x6” that doesn’t contain any prohibited items, with a brief security screening.

  • Small opaque or clutches/purses/ & wallets not exceeding 4.5”x6.5” are permitted after brief security screening. All larger bags are required to be clear.

  • Hard-sided bags of any kind are prohibited.

  • Any event participants, media, & medical bags and equipment will be excluded from this policy with a brief bag inspection and proper credentials.

  • Ed Robson Arena does not check or hold any items at the gates and guest will be asked return any non-approved bags or other prohibited items back to their vehicles or dispose of them at the gate.

  • Ed Robson Arena is not responsible for personal items of guests that that are left behind, lost, stolen, or damaged in the facility.

  • Backpack-style diaper or infant supply bags are permitted by must be accompanied with a child and meet the 12”x12”x6” bag size policy.

During normal non-event operating hours no restrictions are placed on personal items in the facility.

Banners & Signs

Banners and signs are welcome inside Ed Robson Arena granted that they conform to the following guidelines.

  • Don’t distract from the enjoyment of the game.

  • Don’t infringe on the sightlines of other guests.

  • Don’t contain a wood, metal, or any solid support structure

  • Guest are not permitted to affix any banners or signs to walls.

  • Sign shares seating area with guest, and does not obstruct other seats or aisles.


Ed Robson Arena reserves the right to remove or confiscate all banners & signs within the arena for any reason and signs that are considered to be political, derogatory, or obscene in nature as determined by Ed Robson Arena staff or event coordinators, may be confiscated.

Bicycles, Skateboards, and Personal Transportation Devices

Personal transportation devices are not allowed in the facility guests arriving by one of these alternate modes of transportation should be prepared to level in a safe location. Bicycle rakes are provided at the main entrance to Ed Robson Arena, the Keller Family Entrance, and other locations on the Colorado College campus.

Containers (Bottles and Cans)

Outside cans, glass, metal, or plastic beverage containers are not allowed inside Ed Robson Arena during events.

Canceled, Postponed, & Rescheduled Events

At times Ed Robson Arena may be required to either cancel or reschedule an event. When this is the case ERA will work with event hosts, coordinators, and vendors to notify guests of the change and/or process any refunds. Guests that are concerned about an events statue should check the official event communications, or website for the latest. For Varsity hockey games or cases where ERA provided ticket sales directly guests can contact guest services


For most events, guests are permitted to bring in small digital or phone cameras for personal use, granted that a flash is not used. Written approval is required for the use of professional or larger sized camera equipment. Media credentials will be issued to individuals upon approval, and must be presented to Robson Arena staff when requested. Written approval is also required for the commercial use of any event photographs obtained. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the confiscation of equipment, the destruction of recorded media, and/or expulsion of the individual spectators. Ed Robson Arena reserves the right to change this policy at will, and without notice, to permit or prohibit the use or any camera and related equipment. All Audio & visual recording equipment is prohibited without written approval. If you need to obtain media credentials please email your request to Jerry Cross, or

Code of Conduct

The Colorado College Athletic Department and Ed Robson Arena strives to promote an atmosphere of good sportsmanship by hold all student athletes, coaches, employees and spectators accountable for their behavior. We request your cooperation and support by encouraging the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profane, racial, or sexist comments or other intimidating actions directed at officials, student athletes, coaches, team representatives, or other guests will not be tolerated. Guests failing to behave in a reasonable and appropriate manner may be ejected from the building without recourse or compensation.

Behavior prohibited by code or conduct:

·  Damage or destruction or Property

·  Violation of any policies set forth by ERA

·  Thrown objects outside official promotions

·  Fighting, provoking, taunting, or harassing behavior

·  Failure to comply with ERA Staff instructions

·  Use of offensive & profane language or gestures.

·  Interference or disruption of the event or participants

·  Improper seating for tickets

·  Standing on chairs, railings, & furniture

·  Violation of local, state, or federal laws

Concessions (Food & Beverage)     

Ed Robson Arena Provides a variety food & beverage options for guests during events. A central large concessions stand is located at the south side of the concourse with the traditional arena offerings, and vendors offer more variety with locations present around the concourse level. The club level also provides their own food and beverage services. No outside food or beverages will be allowed into the arena for events, but exceptions may be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs. Guests with specific/special dietary needs due to medical conditions or otherwise should contact Guest Services by emailing prior to attending the event to arrange for reasonable accommodations.


All concessions transactions in Ed Robson Arena are paperless. Debit cards, most major credit cards, and mobile payments will be accepted.


All food and beverage services within Ed Robson Arena maintain high health & safety standards, and staff are required to wear all appropriate health and safety equipment at all times.

COVID-19 Mitigation

In the interest of public safety Ed Robson Arena follows all public health guidelines and recommendations put forth by the local health authorities and the college campus. Masks and social distancing will be required and enforced when mandated for the wider campus COVID-19 mitigation policy. We also ask that guests that are showing COVID-19 like symptoms, stay home and seek treatment or testing before visiting the Arena.


Cash/Credit Card Policy

Ed Robson Arena is cash-free at all concessions.  We accept most forms of payment including: Debit cards, major credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, & Samsung Pay.  The Tiger Store, Game Program, and Raffle Sales will all accept cash.

Directions & Location 

Ed Robson Arena is located on the Colorado College campus at the north end of the downtown Colorado Springs area. The facility’s address is 849 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.  The address for directions to the attached parking garage is 114 E. Dale Street, accessed from E. Dale Street.
For guests coming from out of town Ed Robson Arena is most easily accessed taking I-25 exit 143 at Uintah Street, then proceeding eastbound on Uintah St. to Nevada, then turn right on Nevada and the arena should be two blocks down on the right side.



The use of drones in Ed Robson Arena is strictly prohibited without written authorization from arena management. All approved drone operators will be given media credentials, and will be required to present them upon request.


There are three public elevators inside Ed Robson Arena.  One is located in the northwest corner of the building near the main entrance of the arena, which provides access to the concourse and main levels. The two other elevators are located in the parking structure stairwells providing access to the club, concourse, and main levels.

Emergency Evacuation 

Ed Robson Arena ushers have been trained and briefed on proper evacuation procedures for the facility. If the need for evacuation arises an announcement will be made over the PA system, and guests will be asked to follow the direction of the nearest usher on how to exit the building and proceed to a safe meeting location. Ed Robson Ice arena has also prepared a full emergency action plan (EAP) for the facility.

Entrance & Exit Locations 

Main Entrance: (Tejon and Cache la Poudre) Located at the northwest corner of the arena, has a total of six entryway doors. Three of these doors provide bag check services, and three doors provide express entry for guests without bags.
Tejon St Entrance: Single door located along Tejon St. that provides access to the box office, will-call desk, club season ticket holders, and other event staff only.

Northeast Entrance: (Nevada and Cache la Poudre): Primary entrance for students & general admission.

Garage Entrance: Located in the east and west end parking garage stairwells, two entrances exit directly from the garage stairwell into the concourse & club level. These entrance serves primarily guests parked in the attached parking structure.

Facility Booking & Scheduling 

Ed Robson Arena offers a full array of facility rental options and amenities for hosting any events that you may be planning. Dates and times may be limited by availability of the facility, so interested parties are encouraged reach out to arena management at as soon possible by emailing Outside of full facility rentals the arena also provides other gathering and meeting spaces that can be scheduled separately or independently of the ice sheet. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to the contact above.

Feedback, Comments, & Concerns 

We are always looking to make improvement to our operations at Ed Robson Ice Arena. Guests who have any type of feedback for our team should feel free to email us at We do ask that all feedback be cordial, and polite. Any derogatory, disparaging, or insulting comments directed at or about staff is unwelcome and will be disregarded.

Guest Services 

Guest services for all events is located in the southwest corner on the main concourse behind section 101. They can assist with all guest & visitor needs, issues, or questions that arena guest may have during their visit. Medical services, lost and found, missing persons, and various other arena services can be accessed at the guest services desk. During non-event hours guest services can be found at the rental/box office window below the main entry stairway. Guest services can be reached at any time by emailing

Lost & Found  

Lost and found services during events are provided by the Guest Services desk and items can be taken or retrieved there during or shortly after all events. During non-event lost and found items and services will be transferred to the located at the Box-office & Rental window. If you wish to inquire about lost items please visit the arena, call 719-389-6157, or email with a short description of the items and the date the item was lost.

Due to the high volume, all lost and found items are kept for a maximum of 15 days from the date they are found. Items not claimed within 15 days will be disposed of or donated. Ed Robson Arena is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Lost Children/Missing Persons  

Lost guests are to be taken to the Ed Robson Arena Guest Services in the southwest corner of the main concourse of the building, behind Section 101. Should someone you know become missing, contact the nearest Ed Robson Arena staff member for assistance.

Medical/First Aid Station  

Trained emergency personnel are onsite for every major event held within Ed Robson Arena. If guest require emergency medical assistance they should visit Guest Services located in the southwest corner of the main concourse behind Section 101. Automated extremal defibrillators are also keep on the premise, and Robson staff have been trained to use them. If an AED devices is required guests should seek out the nearest staff member.

All emergency medical service in Ed Robson Arena are provided by the campus run Colorado College EMS team and/or American Medical Response, Inc. (AMR).

Merchandise, Tiger Store  

The team store will be open for all events in Ed Robson Arena and sells a selection of Colorado College athletics gear & apparel. The store is located just off Tejon St. on the main level of the arena, behind the rental/box office desk.

Parking & Pre-Game/Post-Game Maps

The residential communities around Colorado College have enacted permitted street parking in cooperation with the city of Colorado Springs.  The neighborhood permitted street parking is valid twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.  We ask your cooperation in respecting these zones and avoiding costly parking citations. 


Parking & Pre-Game/Post-Game


Prohibited Items for events

The following items have been banned from Ed Robson Arena. Prohibited items may vary by event and is not limited to this list below, ERA reserves the right to prohibit any item(s) deemed unsafe, potentially dangerous, or disruptive and to alter the venue prohibited item policy without prior notification in the interest of public safety.


  • Air horns, whistles, or noisemakers

  • Outside Alcohol, Food, & Beverages

  • Animals – Alive or deceased (except service animals)

  • Aerosol spray cans (any size, including mace)

  • Unauthorized large or offensive signs

  • Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, any other personal transport.

  • Any Bags, Coolers, suitcase, briefcase, luggage, etc. over 12”x12”x6” in size

  • projectiles of any kind

  • smoking or vaping products.

  • Outside glass, plastic, or metal bottles/containers and cans

  • Balloons & inflatable objects

  • Laser pointers/pens

  • Illegal drugs or substances

  • Large, or sharp & pointy umbrellas.

  • Strollers

  • Professional Audio & video recording devices and camera lenses longer then 4in. (except for properly accredited media)

  • Selfie sticks

  • The college forbids weapons of any kind to be brought onto campus, to include Robson Arena and parking garage, including but not limited to firearms, ammunition, pellet guns, airguns, paintball guns, stun guns, tasers, smoke devices, bows/arrows, swords, large knives, explosives, and fireworks. 

  • Any other device that may potentially interfere with, harm, and/or distract any sports or event participant, other guest, audio, or audio/visual telecast or recording of the game, or any technology-related services provided by the venue

  • Other items as determined by facility management


We encourage both students and community members to exercise their freedom of speech and engage in protests as they see fit. Protests are permitted as port of the wider campus policy, but they must not interfere with the operations of the arena, or otherwise harm, demean, and endanger guests of the Arena.

Puck in Play

For the safety & enjoyment of all guests, we ask that while the puck is in play guests keep aisles clear, and wait until play has stopped to go to return to their seat. Ushers present will remind guests when the puck/ball is in play. Guests refusing to comply with this rule may be ejected from the facility.


For any guests that don’t feel comfortable using the shared restrooms or have special needs, there are two single use restroom just north of the main concessions stand and one located in the ground floor lobby, All restrooms in Ed Robson Arena are fitted with contactless fixtures, to maintain cleanliness and reduce surface contacts.

Security Screening

In order to ensure the safety of the facility and guests, Ed Robson Arena requires that all guests submit to a contactless security screening when entering the building for ticketed events. This allows arena staff an opportunity to prevent any security threats, contra-band, or dangerous objects for entering the facility. During screening guests will be asked to display the contents of any approved.  Patrons have the right to refuse to participate in the security screening but will not be allowed to enter the facility, and no refunds will be given.

Smoking & Smokeless Alternatives Policy

Ed Robson Arena a smoke and tobacco free facility, and the use of all smoking and smokeless alternatives are not permitted on the Colorado College campus. For the purpose of the policy this includes but not limited to any smoke or vapor-producing product, or other forms of smokeless tobacco products. FDA-approved cessation aids, such as nicotine patches and gum, are not included and are permitted. If you have questions about wither a specific products is allowed, please contact guest services. This policy covers all properties owned or leased by campus, including interior and exterior spaces.


Tailgating is on the grounds of Ed Robson Arena or Colorado College is only permitted of advertised tailgating events or with written approval from Colorado College Campus Safety department. Guests tailgating without approval on the premise may be refused entry to the arena or expelled from campus grounds.

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