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Crystal Page

Assistant Director of Ed Robson Arena 


Crystal Page started at Ed Robson Arena in March of 2022, first serving as an Arena Specialist employee before becoming an Events & Operations Intern. In October of 2023 she moved up to become the Arena Services Manager. In February of 2024 she earned a promotion up to Assistant Director of Ed Robson Arena. Her responsibilities include facility operations, on and off ice event management, ice covering, employee management and concourse level supervisor for CC hockey games. 


She is a Colorado Springs native, where she attended the University of Colorado Springs. Crystal earned a B.S. in Business with an emphasis in Sport Management and a minor in Marketing. In her career she would like to work in game presentation and fan engagement at either the D1 collegiate level or at the professional level. During her off time, she likes to snowboard and watch Colorado Avalanche games. 

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